Pretty good rewards for faction events



Surprisingly good amounts of mods and tokens


Shit.Shit and Shit.I do milestones only 4 my factionmates not 4 rewards…


Why did I actually think tubes would be across all milestones? lol


Nice rewards.

Good step forward.
Will make more compete :smile:


Probably the solo events only


These rewards are solid though. Loving the raid event and that’s a lot of pulls on the 5* wheel . Im happy and will do my part to win


5 star tokens are useless if you already have the ascendables on the token wheel. And why should 1st get twice as many mods as 2nd for raids? 4 would be more acceptable. I think this structure actually discourages competition; why bother fighting hard if there’s a good chance you still only get 3 mods in a traditionally 2nd place faction?


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