Prestige wheel pulls


I know a lot of people have trouble with the prestige wheel and 5 star pulling from there, let alone ascendables. But I’m here to shed some hope.

Pulled this man earlier. If anyone else has had good experiences with the wheel (or even bad ones) feel free to share them and shine some hope on others.


Only five star I ever pulled from that wheel was yellow neut gov. Was stoked


Just pulled Dexter. It’s a exclusice one and better as my last 10 Pulls


I wont pull even tho i have 4000 prestige tokens lol


I pull and show off the rod proudly in a few weeks, he will join the other 30 rods, maybe I’ll get lucky and pull red mark


nice one. and a little earlier you was mentioning something about prestige. cant beat that.


I’ve gotten quite a few 5 stars from prestige. Mostly because I scored pretty high in some events that gave them as rewards. I’ve gotten Cain, dual axe Tyreese, Shiva, man bun Jesus, Lee, and Maggie from prestige


shhhhh…dont rain on the boys parade. lol


Before this (was actually my 3rd try I believe) I had 2 pulls and got future ascendable Kenny (was last year so before he was announced ascendable) and the XP Maggie from both the pulls.


I just pulled 4* greg from prestige an hour ago and a 4* red maggie on my last pull. Dont give me that glimmer of hope there is none


I’ll probably get Sam


Nice!!! I’m really excited to see what Kenny will be :grin: fingers crossed he goes good with your new Ty!


There’s always hope :grinning:


Honestly more excited to see what Hunter looks like (have both Kenny and Hunter)


I have andy kenny maggie now Duane


My only good pull to my recollection is Mirabelle back in January. Maybe there’s one or two other epics but I doubt it.


Shitty fours.
I seem to pull sherry a lot.


Last year I pulled Yellow LE Dwight (in October) and Blue Kay (in December). That’s the only 5* I ever got from prestige.


just pulled Viktor only a little better than my usual rod


Possible! I prefer single pull