Prestige Upgrade


Prestige levels dont really scale with what’s required to get there. It needs to be beefed up.

  1. Prestige should grant you an additional territory team placement every 5 prestige levels.

  2. The Prestige Charachters power needs to scale with the level of prestige…right now they are terrible weak…prestige 1-4<4star and gear up> 5-9<5 star w gear> level 12 or so 5 star ascendable unige to prestige that follows normal item gear up.

  3. A prestige daily log in calendar should be implemented that gets better rewards the higher prestige you are. The bonus daily item should get better the more consecutive log in days.


Should rework the system cause pay for prestige basically


I’m only 11 but they really should add 1 of 2 more levels 6* that michonne already


Scopely I want some feedback on thsi. People deserve better


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