Prestige Upgrade/Revamp


I would like to poll community feedback & hopefully encourage developers to upgrade or revamp the Prestige perks/exclusives within the game. Since the launch & growth behind legendary characters, special thought was given to all players with the widespread “evening the playing field”. This was a good thing, long overdue. I realize most of what drives changes in the company relate to acquiring new players & as a new player you can advance rather quickly & be pretty happy with the game. I ask that you give similar consideration to your older players who are still around and one way to do that would be to revamp the Prestige rewards/perks.

Adding more prestige levels or simply updating the current perks for each level would be great. Make Prestige Michonne ascendable and/or issue a new exclusive Prestige 6* character. Issue out a weapon(s) that can’t be recreated in the armory or sold on a promo sale. Give your current players a worthy perk for reaching higher levels and a reason to stick around for your higher Prestige players, many have quit due the resetting of their rosters & those who remain are on the brink of quitting as well. If Scopely would give Prestige special exclusives and consideration, that would be an advantage to having spent all the time & money on your game & keep going. Almost every region has problems with cheaters and every older player has had their experiences with them. Having something truly exclusive based on Prestige level is an appreciation for continued play as a paying customer.

Ideas for revamps or upgrades: Prestige roadmaps (a new type of roadmap open to all with additional rewards depending on Prestige level upon ACT completion), update the items in Prestige crates (higher quantities and/or replace set 4 items with Adens or war cans or DP/PK or legendary medals etc.), update war crates to include these newer items of today’s meta, the token wheels could have some updated items added in as well (remove low level gear from elite tokens for example since there’s a weekly roadmap & gear depot for that), in general all bags & crates & offers need to be better but at least the current meta of items needs to be added and in some cases replace items from the previous meta.

On the topic of the weekly gear roadmap, could you run a random gear map for legendary gear like you used to for the Ultra Rare Gear? Keep the weekly gear map & randomly push out timed roadmap for Legendary gear.



I sold mine, lol. But even if personally I won’t ever reach P13 or higher, I’d absolutely agreee with a new character for those with high prestige.


I agree, something should also be done with those museum points as well.


a prestige road map would be a nice idea…


Did u make a poll somewhere I’m missing? I definitely agree not only prestige but war crates, supply depot, territories lol its endless


Sorry no actual poll, just feedback & ideas to include on the topic.


Yes something useful should come out of our Museum collection points… my museum is almost complete and what were the points supposed to represent anyway? lol


Considering how long it takes to get the necessary items to upgrade Prestige Michonne, Scopely should consider making her a 6☆.