Prestige Tokens

Prestige tokens take so long to get and are suppose to reward a player for their dedication to logging in and participating, at the very least they should only be 5s and ascendable 5s, and possibly 6s in this current 6 era. We get 5s faster through 5 tokens, getting a 4* after all that time from prestige tokens is ridiculous. At least reward us correct with this original daily login reward program


Couldnt have said it better myself @Jason_FTD2 this should definitely be something brought up to the developers. Nothing bums me out worse than finally collecting 1k prestige tokens and pulling a 4*


Up your game. Thats one pull a week. Smh.

A few months back there was a faction raid tournament with the rewards being a ton of prestige tokens. The top factions in my region didn’t really try so mine got first place and about 20k tokens each.

Every single one of my pulls was a 4 star. And every single pull I’ve done since has been a 4 star. I believe I’m up to… 25(?) in row, and counting.


I’ve never got a 5* from prestige tokens in the year and a half that I’ve played and same for my wife who has played just as long as I have. 4* toons should be removed from that wheel for sure.

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It may sound ridicoulus, but I also would be happy with one of the exclusive 4* in there. Just
not the same over and over. But 5* would be way better

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I think you mean “spend more money”, that’s the only way someone gets a pull a week (which, to be honest, would still be difficult).

I meant what i wrote.

Up your game, not open your wallet.

If the most prestige tokens you can get from a daily crate is 105, and that’s at prestige 13, and there are almost no means of earning prestige tokens in-game asides from a piddly amount via scavenger hunts, I honestly cannot see how anyone can get one prestige pull a week.

I’m prestige 11, play daily and am in a top 2 faction and I get nowhere near enough of those tokens for a pull a week.

If there is something I’m missing here, please tell me what it is because I’d love to be getting four pulls a month on that wheel.

Ok ok…it’s 3 pulls a month. :sweat_smile: Maybe 4 with prestige 11. I get 100(+) on a daily basis average. Plus the extra 100(+) from the 5day missions a week. Gotta hit the Random encounters from the Prestige scavenges. Thats around 60-90 daily from the 2(16) hour ones plus the daily gift.

Yeah I remember my faction at the time also came 1st. I think I had enough tokens saved up for a 5 open. And to my amazement I got 3 5* toons. I’ve Only had one since though.