Prestige Tokens - Pictures need updating


Resubmitting this since it looks like people have submitted this over the past couple of days but no developers or mods have chimed in here.

The pictures on the Prestige Recruits wheel are the 35 toons from the previous 5* token wheel and Prestige wheel. However, the recruits that people are pulling (Konrad, Teresa, Magna, Hunter, etc) are all toons that have been added to Premier recruits. This doesn’t really seem like a bug but more than the pictures just need to be properly updated. Can this be done, Scopely team?


Don’t hold your breath. It may take them a while :joy:




yeah it should reflect what you’ll actually get, all of the four stars upfront


I get it. My point is I think the ones we are getting are correct…just the view is old and wrong, not vice versa. They purposefully updated each wheel and likely didn’t leave the Prestige Wheel as all the 35 previous 5* recruits.