Prestige tokens idea


So prestige tokens are the only way to obtain certain scarred characters (cough cough Dwight cough cough). In turn here are some ideas to make prestige tokens more obtainable.

Increase ascendable rate to 15%
Increase 5 star rate to 25%
Decrease 4 star rate to 60%

Currently most people get about 1 1/2 prestige pulls in a month, getting a 10% 5* drop requires about 3-4 months on average. To increase the number of pulls from the wheel players can obtain here are some ideas:

Use some of the limited time territories that are almost never used to drop prestige tokens (3-4 per hour) (250 when territory expires) and have them reset weekly or bi-weekly. Give a one week down time prior to them being used for an event like Rise to Power.

Put the tokens as milestones or placement rewards for tournaments.

Use them for region placements in region wars. 140 5* tokens doesn’t make a big difference, 140 prestige tokens saves 2-7 days of logins.

Release roadmaps that unlock at certain prestige levels and reward increasing amounts of tokens
Ex. At prestige 5 the first map unlocks which rewards 2-10 per stage completion and 50 for act completion.
At prestige 7 the second map unlocks which gives 12-20 per stage completion and 100 for act completion.
(Note that multiple of these roadmaps shouldn’t both be available to a player only one tier per cycle)
Have these kinds of maps last from Monday to Friday with a high energy cost (10 energy and potentially . Scaling with later tiers.

Edit: merge 4* tokens wheel with prestige wheel and use the 4* tokens territories instead of limited time territories. Convert saved 4* tokens: ten 4* tokens: one prestige token

Let me know what you think of these ideas (hoping for some postpitive feedback)…


@kalishane please bring this idea to the team, pretty unfair to the players to have to wait a month for 1 pull.


Hmm the 4 star wheel of dissapointment needs to go completely never got a 5 star off this POS.


But why should it go just cause you haven’t got a 5 star from it yet?


I think he’s referring to the actual 4* tokens wheel


“Never got a 5 star off this POS” Either that person is referring to the prestige token, or they are just an idiot. I hope it’s the first option for their sake.


I believe he is and calling it the prestige wheel the “4 star wheel of disappointment” is his clever way to of saying how people are bound to get more 4⭐s instead of epics. And I agree. I’ve only pulled one of two from it out of the 4-5 times I’ve pulled from it. Scratch that. I’ve definitely pulled only one.


Not saying I don’t agree that it’s more common to get 4 stars, saying that they shouldn’t delete it just because it’s more common to get 4 stars. Shoot once I pulled 2 5 stars from there on a 2 pull so it’s definitely possible to get 5 stars from it.


The drop rates should be better, I’ll say that much. It takes a longer time to grind for them if you’re not a higher prestige level and don’t go 10 for 10 for the random encounter in prestige missions that reward prestige tokens.


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