Prestige Tokens disappoint


I know the recent prize polls have already determined overall that prizes were shit, but I wanted to illustrate why.

Our faction got 1st in the raid tournament. Not shockingly, my 6 pulls from prestige tokens yielded all 4*. I would have been perfectly fine with even the crappiest of 5* to use for fodder, but I can’t even get that. I haven’t kept track, but I’m somewhere around 20-25 straight prestige pulls from prizes that have given nothing but 4*.

I know my case may be unique, but it’s also exactly why RNG sucks for main prizes. If I scored 2500 points as opposed to a faction mate that got 750, and they get Shiva and I get all 4*, how is that right?


We placed 10 because prizes weren’t worth trying for, I personally only put up like 200 points, just over what it took for the 2nd milestone. Before the 2 pulls I got from 10th I had been in the same boat as you, had never pulled a 5 star from prestige. This time I got a cain, so ascendance fodder since I have had him since he was 1st place war reward. But this is why they are horrible prizes, because someone that puts in almost no effort can get the she same or a better prize the people that bust ass for first.


We got 1st too bro. And low and behold the same result. 6 useless 4*. They need to step up the prizes in these tournaments quickly. Or face alot of people leaving the game. Im certainly growing old of the shit rewards pretty damn quick. If there not offering decent rewards in tournaments there is no reason to play.


Scopely probably thinking that 6 four stars now almost equal a five star with ascension. Let’s just ignore everything else that it takes to ascend a four star


Was expecting all 4* as usual. So must admit I’m very surprised :+1:


Yeah every other prestige token pull has netted me 0 5s and I’ve been top 2 in every tourney since the retooling. Just pulled 2 out of my 7 (1 from daily I had just accrued, 6 from 1st place).

Overall still not a prestige token fan but damn finally felt worth it.



Prestige is crap crap crap


Had a guy pull 3 5s from 4 pulls. I got 5 4 stars.


My luck in prestige pulls have been good . Got shield lee , darlene, and another mirabell along with 4*s


Second time we got first in a event where they gave out prestige tokens and second time I got all 4* come on now scopley at the every least increase the odds that if u pull all 4* for one event prizes that it doesn’t happen back to back to back it’s as if all I do is get 4* and as much food as the new 6* eat I don’t have much left over to lvl a 4* to ascend them to a 5* so I just depto them and there is nothing but junk in the sd anymore so basically it’s useless please do something it’s seriously getting old and I’m not a lazy person I Farm constantly and I am still running out of food this is to be a game to have fun not a full time job it’s as if I am spending more time farming than anything else just to keep enough food avalible to lvl my toons


I’d rather have an Aden than 10 4* at this point.


I feel for ya @LeeRussell I do, because I get the same garbage everytime I pull from prestige. Out of maybe a grand total of 20+ pulls. I’ve only pulled Richard which happened to be the 5th time I’ve pulled him, but the other 4 were from the 5* wheel.



We came second, did 4 pulls and got all 4*.

And Scopely thinks the prize structure is great!!!


Our faction placed 5th, and out of 2 pulls, I got ascendable Carl, which I didn’t have yet. RNG is not fair. I thought we had gotten over that by now.


THIS will just show scopely why the next “prestige” rewarded event will not have many people compete / spend

and then they will be scratching their heads saying why ???


I pulled Bruce and three 4*. Decent pull but anyway I think it’s okay to pull 4* now and then since I don’t enough anymore to ascend them to 5*.


I personally don’t really mind to get 4* from the prestige pulls. I’m trying to get Gator (preparation for Legengator! :slight_smile: ) and more ascendance fodder. Need more 4* to achieve that.


I’ve never pulled any 5* from prestige tokens,it’s just bad luck, keep trying