Prestige Token Wheel Odds

Most definitley seems like Prestige Tokens are somewhat of a joke. I believe when Prestige first started that receiving a 4* recruit was much more of a reward. Log in every day, spend money [or don’t], get these tokens, and basically get a 4* toon. I know everytime I spend money I get Prestige points along with whatever I buy. Takes a hot minute to save them up. Toon over no toon, but seems like it should be better odds.


I’ve never got an ascendable from that shity wheel.
Though the only toons I don’t have now are Jessie and Shane. So no point in opening anymore.
I’m all good for 4*

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It’s been said before but there is a whole host of things that need an overhaul, the town, the world stages, the wheels, basic tokens, war crates etc etc. What do we get? Chat filtering :ok_hand:


Yeah…I have been very unlucky with the Survivor Club wheel as well, but figure I’ll get a decent toon at some point. This wheel I seem to get a pull every other month or so. I’ve not paid too much attention. It would be nice if they rewarded us a little more for our spending and logins by giving better odds for at least a 5 star as opposed to a 4 star. Do you ascend your 4 stars into 5 or use them mainly for level ups?

Sell them for SPs mostly. Though recently I have been trying for Donny. I do find lvling up 4* extremely tedious.

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No you don’t! You get prestige points not tokens.

Prestige points are for your prestige level, not the wheel. Only way to get the tokens is logging in (unless they have a special offer up for them or something). I got my 2nd ascendable Tyreese from the wheel.


You can get them through scavenger missions too


My bad forgot about that.

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I think we know what I was essentially saying is that the tokens end up equaling up to a 4* toon the majority of the time. Prestige came out a while ago and a 4* toon was more valuable then because we ascended them to a 5*. I am pretty sure that also a 4 star Governor and Michonne js given as well as well as upgrade gear for them throughout the Prestige process. Again, outdated. Points or tokens, they are both outdated. Let’s not get super technical. We all know where the points and tokens come from. Make Prestige Tokens Great Again! MPTGA! It is certain, that they will remain the same though.

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