Prestige token toons and questions


I want to know what 5* are in the wheel that doesn’t show up (a list would be cool).
And I want to know… Do I get a guaranteed 5* when I pulled 40 times?

Thanks for the help :ok_hand:


Some good 5* like Teresa, Kay or Magna (shield one) seem to be in there.


My only 5* toon from prestige pull. Luckily he’s ascendable


I haven’t had a 5* from prestige in 7-8 pulls.
Just unlucky atm I guess.


I’ve never had a single epic from Prestige. Best I got has always been Fast Ultra Clementine and Tough Carson.

Considering that it has been 7-8 pulls since your last Epic, you should consider yourself REALLY lucky with Prestige.