Prestige Scavenger Missions Update


A revision to how the mechanics of Scavenger Missions based on Prestige Level work is rolling out Friday, 11/3. The changes we’ve made help bring these missions in line with the vision for this system.

Prestige rank gated missions will now:

  • Require a player to have completed the mission Silence Is Golden (requiring a lvl 10 Scavenger Camp and that all previous “gold” missions are completed)
  • Greatly increased the likelihood of these missions appearing once meeting the above requirement.

These changes specifically affect the following missions:

  • New Moon Fever
  • Won’t Back Down
  • Don’t Come 'Round Here No More
  • You Got Lucky
  • Breakdown
  • This Old Town
  • Free Fallin’
  • Out in the Cold
  • Square One

With the new system players can experience these missions more often after meeting the proper level of proficiency with the Scavenger Mission system.


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