Prestige scavenger mission update


Does anyone understand what they are talking about? Makes no sense


Get more prestige scav missions based on prestige level and completion of certain achievements.

My understanding anyway.


Is there hope…

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Happy to see SOMETHING tho.
5* tokens then
Prestige Missions

What’s next @kalishane town expansion? War and prestige crates revised? All depots updated? Roadmaps weekly? Old toons ascended?

Ohh the excitement of possibilities.


Pretty much complete Silence is Golden before any prestige missions will show up. Additionally, once you meet that requirement, the “likelihood” of prestige missions showing up have been greatly increased.

While this fixes the issues that players are reporting, it only fixes them in the short term. It doesn’t address the problem that the scavenger system is still unrefined and badly implemented.

Some issues that this fix doesn’t help with are:

  1. Still not all missions are showing up at any given time; there’s also the RNG factor that applies to other non-prestige missions of who shows up and who doesn’t.
  2. Many of the scavenger missions are suitable for new players, and very, very few are only slightly suitable for the old players. Many of them could be revamped in both the rewards and duration characteristics.
  3. The scavenger system still rewards players who don’t progress after a certain number of gold missions. Even though prestige missions are now given a greatly increased chance, it still isn’t a perfect system(of which all missions are showed at any given time.) If players want a certain mission to pop up as much as possible, they’re still better off not progressing to far with the scavenger system. (This is an iffy depending on how much “greatly increased the likelihood” actually represents.

Good update, but it’s merely a short term fix for a leaking pipe. Not to mention “likelihood” is used here, as certain missions were only showing up based on luck rather than the synchronization of the cooldown and duration of the missions.

Can we get a full explanation of new ygl

Ich find es unpassend es vor nem frak lvlup zu machen!hatte sie glücklicherweise immer da und nun keine mehr!bis ich die gold missionen soweit habe sind wieder wochen vergangen! Total falscher weg um fairness reinzubringen!