Prestige roulette updated?


I noticed some members of the faction pulling very rare epics, such as, Sandy Beheading specialist, Negan limited edition, Abraham with Bazooka…
What have you to tell me about it?


Yes, the Prestige wheel has been updated a few days ago, but I don’t believe characters such as Decapitating Sandy or Rocket Launcher Abraham were added there. I’ll have to go check it out.


Had a faction mate pull the 5* Yumiko with the impair bow yesterday out of prestige…


Lucky fella. Best I got was a triplicated Fast Ultra Clementine… -.-’


So it got silently updated or bugged when the other one was updated? Makes me wonder what’s possible from elite character tokens. :thinking:


Can you tell me what rare epics there are besides those you quoted?


Shivar Force Trio (Rick, Jesus and Michonne, who were added to the Epic Wheel in the update.), Alert young Carl, All Out War Ezekiel… I think the Epics newly introduced in the Epic pool were also added to the Prestige Wheel along with the other Ultra Rares.


Command Jesus is in there too


It’s funny how they make a character that is in the Epic pool a solo event’s First Place Reward. Pitiful, Scopes, pitiful…