Prestige regions

Not sure if this has even been brought up but instead of these dumb ass 1a and 1b waves why not base it on prestige? So prestige 13 players are in wave 1a, 1b is prestige 12 and so on. It would create a more competitive game balance during wars.

Now if you were a p11 and wanted to stay with a p13 faction you could but once you choose to move up you are stuck. The tricky part is if you move up prestige. I would suggest you get 30 days to find a new home in any of the regions of your new or higher prestige while getting a free (scopely doesnt know this word) key.

Just my brain thinking. Keep on surviving.

Worst idea ever.


Why do you say that?

This game is almost 4.5 years old. Some people hit prestige 13 in 5* days or even 6* days, then quit spending at some point. Prestige actually has no real relevance to how strong a player is in the current SClass meta.


So everyone would just leave their friends that are a different prestige level? Breaking up existing facs, since facs usually have a mixture of prestige levels? Sorry, I don’t find the idea appealing.

The concept is similar to the fallacy behind wave 1 imo which seems to assume everyone in a fac is the same level ftp or spender.


I’m all for sticking p13 in a region together. :joy::joy:

Then they should update the prestige to reflect that.

If you are p11 and want to play with the p13s you can but just not in a p11 region.

Guys, an’t you happy with buckets already ?
This is the coolest way of segregating people with fun !
Myself, I love bein treated like a tender from kentucky.

Jokes appart, league are pretty much reflecting true levels and activity so they would be a better base for waves.

Disagree because I can be only active in arenas and win 1 or 2 of them and place top 10 in the others and stay in diamond league while just doing the bare minimum everywhere else.

Then you deserve to play with diamond league people !

I don’t play that much anymore, barely platinum league, and it suits me well.

If you feel like you are too weak to war with your league pals, then drop a level in leagues.

Prestige is based on lifetime spending, how do you propose adjusting it to accurately reflect a players current level?

There is a million point difference between p12 and p13. You can keep that and add up to p16 or 20 doesnt matter. Base that off where to start. Maybe do multiple levels per wave. Their is a more competitive balance out there to make war more enjoyable instead of having a bunch of p11s waste their time getting worked in 3 mins by the top teams because scopely stuck them in wave 1a and wont let them leave now. Fyi I’m not in that boat.

Quit complaining. Do you pay a different price for something in life because you might make less than someone else? Spenders spend for an advantage. Deal with it.

Oh I thought they spent because they were looking for a disadvantage. Silly me.

I’m not complaining just trying to make the game fun and more competitive for the lower class people but god forbid someone have a thought. I hope you and your whole family have a great day.

They already broke the game into waves where strength is taken into account. The only ones who have a right to complain anymore are the ones who got stuck in wave 1A. Everyone else had an option to spend 1,000 coins and play against lesser competition.

If I recall it was by activity level if the region not by strength. But again have a great day.

This game manages to decrease the value of bought products such as toons in an unbelievably short time span, you could literally coin your a** of for two weeks and be irrelevant in 3 month. I know a guy with 13 million prestige, trust me on this one. Absolute nonsense idea.

If you started spending since Pete Anderson, you probably wouldn’t be p13 and could have all s class toons.

It wouldn’t balance out the strength of players just would separate our players by an arbitrary number. It’s like saying split players into patient zero only regions because they’ve been playing longer