Prestige Recruits Wheel

Once again another curious thing in this game is the Prestige Recruits wheel… Why does it even exist?

Your chances of pulling a garbage 5* are next to zero and the tokens are not the easiest to obtain… So I ask again… Why is it even in the game?

Update the game at half the pace you spew out new recruits.


I’ve saved up for three separate 10 pulls over the past year…all 4* stars with one red shane 5*

womp womp womp

I pulled Dev on my last prestige pull

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They can but they won’t. No profit in there for them. But…

If they reworked these outdated and useless wheels and then offered extra chances at them with the survivors club they would get more subs. How come they can’t figure these things out is my question.

It is called the “head up the a55 syndrome”


I ended up getting my 2nd ascendable Tyreese from there so I can’t really complain but they really do need to update it a bit. Make it easier to obtain at least a 5 star.

got a 2nd zeke a little while back from there, good for level pts and even temp. territory event teams

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