Prestige rank above 13?

Will there ever be a prestige rank above 13? If so, will you retro what I’ve spent and should have earned like you did when you first came out with prestige to begin with?

First they must rework prestege points/ranks.

Yeah I hear ya. I’m sure it’s not even a thought for them right now. I mean I don’t spend for the pristige, but it would be nice not to be capped out right now should I spend more.

Some whales could probably hit prestige 50 at this point tbh


That’d be a lot of money lol. I JUST hit 13. Like a month ago. And I’ve been playing for a while. Granted took a sizable amount of time off but still.

Is a level 50 prestige player called a whale or gaurgantuan

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Start calling em Rex’s. If we are going beyond whale in size we might as well go dinosaur :slight_smile:

Who knows dinosaurs well?? Any generally fat ass just chewing through shit dinos that could pass for the whales of dinos?

If you spent the sort of money it takes to get to prestige 13at a Vegas table you would probably have a complementary two week stay at a hotel a low budget hooker and all you can eat buffets and booze during your stay.

Or you could do an average of four weeks vacation in Hawaii with a family of four.

Or do an extensive home remodel

Or get yourself into a last year’s model bare-bones Mustang

I spent as well and understand everyone has different means.

It’s just crazy how Scopely treats folks who have dropped 20k+ On their mobile app.


Lol I’ll take the Vegas stay with a low budget hooker, booze, and buffet.

Prestige 50 players should be called Megalodon!

You better include a lot blow to go with Vegas trip to get high!

have a couple friends that hit p13 right out the gate. i imagine if they retro spend points, which im sure they will, cause thats what they did with prestige when they first imtroduced it, they probably hit the next cap right off the bat as well. but i do agree that there needs to be more prestige levels. its nice to know for us that do support the game, there is something to look forward to. like that p13 reviver blade, might seem a be outdated now, but back in the day that thing was legit, procs like a mf too. way better than the two i crafted in the armory .

Yep that is me and I have been complaining about it to them for over a year now… All those wasted prestige points from purchases. Just like all the XP we have got since we hit level 125… poof

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