Prestige pull wasnt a character

So the screenshot I took doesnt show anything but I somehow got mercer cards from a prestige pull. Anyone have this happen?

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Haha, uh oh

Odd but probably better than a 4*


It’s a guaranteed 5* now pal


Still better than a 4* or a useless 5* pal

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Nope, I’ve had plenty of 4*s even in the past week.

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I did a prestige pull and got 5* Rick then did a 10 pull on elite items and the same 5* Rick popped up. I checked if I then had two of him but I didn’t so i guess it was a visual glitch. Not sure if I actually got anything from the elite item tokens tho.

I somehow pulled an alpenstock with my daily SC pull a week ago. I messaged support and they told me it was a “visual glitch only” and that I had actually recieved a 4 star character and not the alpenstock shown. Maybe something similar happened on your account.

Honestly better than anything in that wheel anyways so congrats!

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