Prestige points for Prestige 13 Players


All “bundles” count Prestige Points as an item, but Prestige 13 Players don’t receive them. In other words, every bundle purchased by a P13 is missing an item. False advertising that needs to rectified, going forward and retroactively, in my opinion.


Because prestige 13 is max. You cant get more then max.


Exactly. So they can’t advertise something as having “9 items” when it only has 8 for a Prestige 13 player. That’s false advertisement.


So if your at full food or wood and do a raid that should give you x of food/wood, but you dont get it cuz your full. Is that false advertisement?

You max, simple as that.


I agree. This is a totally outrage. These Prestige 13 Whales should be getting at least a bloody shirt or Molotov Cocktail in place of the prestige points


You should do some research on what is a product.


Would be good is Prestige 13 can be updated to reflect the new 6* meta & upgraded to prestige 26 with more rewards!


I can see that causing a lot of SPENDING happy feedback posts from players! :slight_smile:


Why not we pay for a service. I expect as a “proclaimed” “whale” to be treated as such

Give us a higher prestige!


They will not even consider doing so while you pay in any circumstances