Prestige needs to be redefined

I don’t care what you call it this crap is not prestigious

Since the installment of the prestige system I have got a grand total of 2 Epic characters from that crap wheel. The catch to that is it was 2 characters that I already had on my roster. That’s roughly 2 pulls a month over a 843 day log in streak. That’s close to 50 pulls give or take and to get completely worthless 4s over and over again is a farce. There have been many threads on this and still nothing has changed. Especially in the current meta these crap characters are a slap in the face. Can’t even use them for the constant slew of level Up’s that we are bombarded with because the objectives are not even viable to complete anymore. Ok 6s give an ass load of points on 4th tier so to waist the amount of feeders and food to hit one objective for 8000 points is ridiculously absurd. You are not getting milestones off that out dated system. But off topic. This prestige system does not reward anything and the 2 out of over 50 useable toons is a joke. I’m sure a few will say they get 5*s from prestige all the time but let me assure you that you are the exception not the norm. It’s become such a joke and needs to be addressed. Not some crap new features that bore us to tears that no one wants. Update the damn game already. Quit changing the meta and not updating everything that supports it. If you want to make things better and promote spending that’s how you do it. Not buy adding new things and more powerful toons alone. Give people the incentive to spend not force spending to get things. Prestige is a good place to start. There has been 2 good toons in there since it started Shiva and Hunter. Hunter was removed once it was decided to make him ascendable. So very few people got him and that’s a shame. Quit pissing on everyone with a poorly named Prestige wheel when what you are getting from it is far from Prestigious!


Wait 1 month for 1 pull
pull 4 star
best deal ever


They should atleast give us a five star in my opinion they need to get rid of all four stars as for most players they are completly useless and waiting for all that time to get a four star it is a bit disheartening and it feels like a kick in the teeth to me. Also maybe add 6* stars onto it to make it more prestigious.


I think they give 4* in this wheel just for new players. But even in this way a 5* is completely useless…so change it to give you an epic char is about the same :confused:
Maybe instead of 4*s they can add legendary gear or Liliths/Ulysses.

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They can’t otherwise they’d have to change the wording on elite/ultra rare labeled tokens lol.

Oh shit an elite character token!!! three star garbage…thats not very elite at all



New players would benefit more with some 5* in their rooster though.

It is the hardest wheel to get a pull on. You would think the rewards would be better. When I first started I mistakenly assumed the pulls from that wheel were gonna be great. 500 days later its given me all 4 stars.


They should turn the Halloween wheel into the new prestige wheel still wouldn’t be that good but better than a 4*


Considering halloween tokens gave all epics to new regions for hardly any work… fours are useless.

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  1. Remove every 4* and non-ascendable 5*
  2. Cross reference with 5* token and elite char token wheels…add the 5* ascendables from those wheels to new prestige wheel.
  3. Now add the 6* version of all of those same 5*s and set the odds to 5% / 95%
  4. ADD all new “legacy” ascendables to the prestige wheel as they are released.

Still a lackluster collection of toons but it would be a helluva lot better than the abomination we have now.

Well some like myself am still trying to complete museum objectives, so getting rid of non ascendable 5*’s would take away any chances on anyone getting war cans/raid cans, trainers from museum objectives. I literally need 3 5*’s to be done & 2 4*’s…

I’m p12 and get a pull every 10ish days from scavenger missions and daily crates. It’s too much to give p12 and p13 players a free ascendable every 7-10 days.


then p12 and p 13 get a 2☆, and all the others get a free 6☆ or ascendable. this way everyones happy :+1:


Yeah in road maps and FA they can benefit…that’s the only use of them i can think right now. But for combat comletely useless.

if ur p12 or p13, pulling a shiva, boobs or blue tyreese uu woukd just sell it, for us ftp, its party time

I want a team of shivas

I just pulled and got my 20th 4*.
I agree.

So much stuff needs updating.

I was thinking back to the old days when you used to be challenged and progression was constant.
So many things to save for and work towards

Because they have always put money 1st.

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No, I’d be obligated to post my 2 teams of 5 Shivas on the forums and complain that the prestige wheel isn’t prestigious when it gives duplicates and say the only fair thing would be for the prestige wheel to give me the ascendables I don’t already have.


Just run it as a prestige stash instead, 1000 tokens is a pull, the stash should be a multi board approach, complete prestige stash one, move on to prestige stash two etc.

Stashes get progressively more rewarding as you move up the prestige ladder.

Board one full of three stars and lower end gear to help the new players, then next one up is four stars and more advanced gear etc.

Keep it rolling, the top end boards can include one prestige ascendable per board, with a mix of gear trainer etc,

These would just roll on and on and on.

Rewarding for long standing players and something to aim for with new players

Is it though? You’re still limited by medals and gear…unless you spend from them which by all means…

Yes, still too much, especially at the published rates. You’re talking 36 pulls a year for a P12, 52 for a P13. At 5% rate, 2-3 pulls of a direct 6* you don’t need to ascend. Most of the remaining will be used as fodder, freeing up even more Benedicts for use in levelups.

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