Prestige missions


So… I’m a bit of conflicted here.

With the update of the Prestige Scavenger Missions I lost access to them 'cause in the past I didn’t bother doing the gold missions up to the lvl10 one which is now a pre-requisite to access to the Prestige missions, and now here I am stuck in catching up with the gold missios each one with an insane duration and potentially not being able to gather much points in today’s lvl up bcs I was counting on farming all my points with the characters I prepared in advance por scavenging.

Problem is… the weapon parts of the collection and the possibility of missing them due to this. Not knowing if there will be alternative ways to obtain them or if they are given just this way. So the question is… why this now? What’s the point of it?

I can understand de “if you do the gold mission you have more chances of prestige appearing” but I don’t understand the NECESSITY of doing them in order to UNLOCK the prestige missions while I have been enjoying them for a while now. I’m not an experienced player nor I have de resourcer many players have to prepare for racking points in a lvl up without the scavenging missions.

So… what now?


I’m not prepared, that’s the point. I had g4 chars just to send them scavenging to rack points and now that possibility is gone and I don’t thing I have enough trainers to reach 250k nor doing the lvl up goals…


Don’t really think this was the solution many people were asking for with the YGL issues…


Definetly. I don’t see it as a solution at all.

And I’ve never had a problem with the YGL respawn in all my game experience…


Here is where it really sucks, people were using the YGL daily to help ASCEND their 5*'s for 6*'s YOU HEAR THAT SCOPELY? ASCEND!!!