Prestige missions - Support no help


I generally only use the forums to find out information or give feedback. I’m not a complainer, but my experience since yesterday has been ridiculous. I lost all of prestige missions (I’m prestige 10, my camps are level 12 and 15, have done all missions that have ever been available including silence is golden) The only mission that is popping up now is in the black which I already did, but did again and coined it(huge waste) , it came back up again, so I’ve aborted several times, alas it’s still there.

Before this change, (which helps some players and cripples others), I had you got lucky everyday, if it wasn’t active, I saw it in cool down,. Now there is nothing.

I messaged support through the website (since support crashes my game now, which magically started yesterday as well) and I provided all necessary information and they gave me a response which told me what I need to do, which is what I had already told them i have already done. So I reply again, and they proceed to ask me for my account code, which I already supplied in the first email… And now I have not heard anything since.

I love this game but this saddens me that I have completely lost one avenue to level up my toons. What is the point of paying and earning prestige if you can’t even take advantage of prestige “perks”? It’s clear support doesn’t care, but at least they could pretend too. I have done everything right and still lost. @kalishane please help

Scavenger camps...prestiege

To be clear, I did ALL the missions and still got You got lucky. It is not my fault that it is still popped up for me, but it has helped me, especially since I am a newer player and I want to be able to be competitive at some point.

Don’t come on my post telling me what I should do. Instead of being mad at me, go be mad scopely. If scopely made all missions available to everyone then we wouldn’t have this issue.


Sadly I think this will be the lowest participated in level up in a long while… They ruined YGL for many and that takes money from them. The fix would have been to allow YGL for more people. I am sure that Scopley thinks that this will cause people to buy more trainer offers but the 100k mission offered so much more for much less. This is just another nerf and I hope it bites them and they start to see they are going backwards.


I’m still a newer player. Only been playing abut 3-4 months so my main focus has been to upgrade my town hall, armory, training camp, food, then material storage. I only upgrade my scavenger camps so that I can out in a higher team number to go on the scavenger missions. I wouldn’t even be able to get my scavenger camps to level 20 any time soon.


Have you completed all the gold missions? Camp Level isn’t relevant, having completed the 10th Gold Mission is (Silence is Golden)


Yes I have completed all missions that have been available. Even double checked to see if they were in cool down. And nothing.


So sorry Queen.shiva, wasnt right of me to lash out at you.

Had been a long day with an impossible kid and no food for ages:/


The frustration is def on Scopely side


It has been fine for me so far I had one you got lucky finished and waiting to collect before the start of the level up and once I collected it one came up immediately after so I ran it finished it and it went to cooldown so I coined it. I guess I got lucky with this level up.


Sorry you did say that earlier.

It’s crap not to get any prestige missions at all. I’ve had loads since the updates, albeit none of them YGL…


It’s okay. I understand. Thanks for your apology :slight_smile:


Best post I’ve seen in a long time


Sadly because it was truthful I will end up with a warning.


Other people in my fac have it at 16 and get it, and I’m havong the same problem as Shiva