Prestige Michonne


Can we seriously get with the times and newer landscape of the game? The requirements to get the last item for her and then the katana is ridiculously out of reach for 99% of people. I am prestige 11 with right at 350k prestige points. Add on top of it that she is now a worthless toon and it makes it even more crazy to not just give everyone the access to finish leveling her etc. This, or majorly up the amount of prestige points given out to make it easier to get her items. I actually recommend making the prestige a points system to be used like all the other markers. Maybe have a prestige points store. So in the end, give everyone the items to level her, and either get rid of prestige completely or revamp it completely.


Prestige depot > gear depot


I got my michonne 2 regions ago… she’s sitting there useless. Let us transfer the prestige toons over


Sacrificed her to the ascension alter day one


Why level that specific worthless toon?


Or make her ascendable to 6*


used her as fodder too


I have had her tier 3 level 70 forever. Could level her for tournament etc. She wasn’t worthless when I leveled her to begin with lol.


How about this:
Extend the login streak to 30 days;
Reset on:
-miss a day login
-on 31th day

The points grows with the same amount:
1st day: 50
7th day: 350

30th day: 1500

That’s daily 775 in average if you log in every day.


Also, I am a toon horder… It is hard for me to get rid of toons that I don’t have doubles of. Lol.


I used the other two prestige characters as fodder, but can’t quite bring myself to use the 5 Star…old habit from when 5 stars actually were worth something I guess.


Agreed. Make her op ascendable and put her in premier for the players who already got rid of her.


And what about the specific gear to upgrade her?


Better yet, make her ascendable to benefit the people like me who have played since day one and are now P13…

Make my P13 actually worth something


It is worth something… being a p13… dont tell me im making my way there for nothing =(