Prestige Michonne ... helppp


Hi guys,

I really need your help. How do I get back prestige michone, when I have ascended my character with her … Please helpppp



You can’t. Once you use a character to ascend another it’s gone forever. I only use dupes and bennies for this reason.


You don’t.


:,( I’m sorry Voltus – if you use her she is gone.


thanks … :frowning:


btw thanks for the reply


Most likely she won’t be made ascendable until way in the future as you would have to be prestige 12 to even ascend her anyway.


You’re welcome! I’m sorry Michonne is gone.


Why not add her to a wheel? You will not be able to ascend her without the items but at least you can have her on the roster again.

@VoltusV Not sure if you’re using the lock in the upper left corner but you can avoid this from happening again if you keep the toons you don’t want to lose locked.


Do you think it will ever be possible to reverse a 6* ascension? Maggie is horrible I wish I could get her 5* version back.


Yeah add her to the wheel like the 5* one yall added the 5* tripp, 5* revive jesus and dwight they were a one time thing why not her


Shes not that bad when maxed ar and S.S


I’m surprised there isn’t a way to do it for coins.

Toon insurance. Make it happen, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


aww if i could i’d give you my in a trade. It’s what she would want and it’s what Jadis would do


Because then she wouldn’t be a Prestige reward.


They gave out presteige neagan as a 800 - 100 reward in a all neagan reward solo lvl up
I remeber because ppl were going for 2nd because red neagan was 2nd place reward


1000* 7chars


5⭐ LE Jesus and Dwight are in the wheel. I saw the 4⭐ version of Jesus in my depot before it refreshed. So why not add the prestige toons in the wheel or depot, should they theoretically become ascendable in the future?


They won’t because they want your money to 4 tier her I sold her to sd summer of 2016 to towards a 2nd Andrea


I mostly only do 30 day so by the time I could have 4 tier her it would still be years from now