Prestige levels


All these new things coming out are great but when will scopley upgrade things that have been a part of the game from the beginning?
Notably …

  • Prestige level has been at 13 from the start and most of the top players have been there for well over a year and our prestige points are useless ( prestige points are one of the few rewards we get for doing the monthly package)

  • World maps … We have been stuck at the current level forever!

  • Roster space… with all the new toons coming out … we need more space to put them!

  • Camps… our camps need to expand… hasn’t been in forever!

  • Bugs fixed throughout the game that have been around so long they seem to just be part of the game now!

So as we are all excited about new stuff ,we do need these foundation parts of the game upgraded in order to grow and absorb the new aspects of the game!

  • Roster space
  • Number of team configurations (currently 25)


Needs a correction. Should say, “top spenders”. As prestige has nothing to do with how well you play the game but simply tracks how much you spend in the game minus the daily log in.

To that point, I don’t see why not. It might jumpstart sales for some of the whales who have slowed down if given the proper motivation to do so again.


Prestige should probably be a personally choice to display anyway. Shouldn’t matter if I’m f2p and another person spends. Seems like private info. @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely


I agree on log in streak is over 800 would be nice if I get more than a person that logged in for a week straight


Prestige is useless now the Michonne isn’t useful sadly (unless they make her 6* ) but that would take like 4 years for f2p to get her to that point


I don’t even have her I sold her for sp to get 2nd Andrea long a go plus roster spots where tight back than so you had to sell everybody that served you no uses. It would take longer than 4 years more like 10


I foddered my Michonne and I regret it tbh


I agree wish I had her now even if she still wouldn’t be 4 tier for me yet


I agree with everything except these two! rosters are huge as it is, and roadmaps have replaced the world maps to they take up less space on our devices


To me, all of them are important. However, the fact we don’t have a full camp is the saddest thing in RTS. :frowning:


It gives us hope that there’s more to the game…
once people lose that, uninstall-time… or as many have figured out… it’s the only way to beat the game.


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