Prestige Level 13 & Above?



This is my first post since migrating to the new forums. I was curious if the Prestige Level will extend beyond Level 13 and provide additional rewards?

Old school morons, such as myself, are not receiving any benefit when dropping in cash. Is this Scopely’s way of saying “You’ve been over served?”

Any insight into the process will help my financial advisor tremendously in 2018.

All the best,



I did show him my roster and he nodded in agreement that it was worth the investment.


Was that before or after six stars lol


Didnt Scopely already hooked you up by making all those 5* you spent $$$ worthless now?


Note to self, don’t have Dash as my financial advisor :grinning:


I memba the days when I had to depot 5s cause the roster space was capped. I even made a video about it. Now you kids can make 6s withem!


Remember when I salvaged my whole town and Scopely restored it? That was cool.


I worry about this too because we have a prestige 13 beast in my faction I worry will get bored and quit


I have permission to do this since Bryan’s in my faction and a true believer in the Word of Mark.


for the record that is not my YouTube channel, and I had this rat upload it for me. and by rat I dont mean Pope, I mean Tito. Tito the Rat.