Prestige Edition Michonne Ascendance

She (Prestige Edition Michonne) is the most expensive character that any of us will purchase. She needs proper respect through ascendance.


Not really.

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She’s in an old region I used to play in, the gear to level her is in my current region.

If they do this I’ll implode in a fit of rage!!


I used her to ascend someone… hope they dont!

Takes forever to get her up to t4 so i cant see it but this is scopeley we’re talking about…


I agree she should be ascendable… Along with a lot of other characters already in existence. Would be real nice if they concentrated on some legacy toons for a while instead of doing a new premier every week.


Yellow Morgan and it’s counterparts (earlier gen 5*s) should have priority imo, but yeah mich too…

BUT… keep surviving.


Anyone that is available in the supply depot, 5 star tokens wheel, prestige token wheel, or survival road depot would be great.


“Takes forever to get her up to t4,” that would be the point of her ascendance. Prestige 12 is hard and rare to achieve. Also very expensive! Prestige 12 and perhaps Prestige 13 (that reviving sword is nice) awards will be obsolete and will have no real purpose.

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Lol would be cool to see a 6* version (wish I didn’t sell mine :frowning: )

She was never that great anyway honestly. I’d like her to be ascendable along with some other older characters from the supply depot.

By the time I started seeing her T4, she wasn’t a factor. Basically she was OK on attack if you had Huge AP and VLarge leader and command. But that’s a lot of setup just to get her debuff off

I cannibalised her to ascend another character oops

She takes a year to ascend as well awwwww hell nah

Perché non c’è più la traduzione in italiano

I agree. Would love for her to be ascendable

Messaged you a translation. I had to use Google Translate as I don’t speak Italian.

Lmfao!! :joy: They don’t GAF how much you’ve spent. They want to know how much more you will spend. Keep Surviving!

Free ascendable? yeah SURE