Prestige Bug-15 characters

@Kalishane @Agrajag

Small visual bug here in the prestige tab, as there is no more prestige 13 slot in the supply depot. (There is still a prestige 12 locked slot though)

Don’t think there was ever a P13 slot in Supply Depot, It was P12 and P9/10or11 for the top right gear slot (now trainers slot).Which makes it even more weird :smiley: checked the lower Prestige rewards and the first one for Depot is 12 now.

Old SD Pic:

Thanks Chicken :wink:

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The prestige rank rewards have always included rewards unlocked at lower ranks.

Yup, that’s what I said indeed. However now in the prestige rewards list there is no lower depot unlock than P12 and the other is now listed as P13 as said by OP - but this just isnt the case. Probably a visual issue like originally stated.

Yeah i believe that page shows the aggregate total from all ranks leading up to that point. believe it used to say 2 slots at the appropriate ranks