Prestige and Facebook wrong region [Transfer]


Will you ever made that possible? I understand why transferring toons would destroy the game experience with people moving their legendaries and all that stuff but I’m not asking to move 5* characters or any progress on 'em, I just want those toons u gave everyone for free but i want 'em on my main region (actually it would be my only region but i had no choice, if i want to play for a bit with that negan or tyreese i have to play on the region they got wrongly stuck)
I’ll explain my case which I think it’s happening to a lot of new players on this game.
It doesn’t matter where you re from or where u are playing. The game will put you wherever the hell he wants and by the time u’ve seen there are different regions u will realize your prestige 3* negan is on the wrong region… that sucks.

PS: my case is even worst, my whole life has been tainted and ruled by anxiety so i couldn’t wait to link my facebook with the game (without having knowledge about different regions) now i’ve lost two free toons, after weeks of contacting the support all the answers were “we can’t do that” “we are not allowed” “we don’t have any system able to do that” “bla bla bla” [more generic crap].


little pig, little pig, let me post!


Love how people from scopely dont give a fock, and this is happening to everyone I recommend this game, Ill star telling em the support sucks and the forums are a waste of time.