Prestige 9 toon needs update

I’m about to reach Prestige 9 and I noticed that the toon given is a five-star Michonne, non ascendable. Stats are low, no leader skill, no special weapon, AR weak af.
Previous prestige toon gift, Governor was very relevant and useful when received. This Michonne is anything but. Clearly she was implemented pre free S-Class era, pre 6* era even. Time for an upgrade, very least make her ascendable.
Someone reaching Prestige 9 has put considerable time effort and perhaps $ in, they deserve a reward of use to them, not immediate food for actually relevant toons.


This was back when 5* toons were the most OP thing ever. With the release of 6* and S-Class toons, Scopely shot their own foot with this one.


The whole prestige system needs an overhaul. You absolutely should get some good things for getting to any prestige level and it should be helpful to further you into growing. I think instead of editing your toon for prestige 9 they need to completely edit what you get entirely maybe with a much better character and more. Hope they notice your thread.


thank you, they clearly read the forums so I hope so too.
Every level above 9 gives items to upgrade completely garbage michonne who I for one will not be wasting a roster slot on.

I think they forgot about Prestige. I agree though Governor was actually very useful. I used him even for a little bit in the 6* error until i got a 5* to replace him. Him and red mark we’re amazing. Even now there are useful 4* that would’ve been amazing if not for 6*

Butler dude, Ellenor, Red Maggie (the good one), Brooke, Carmen, ect

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Butler Dude = Jeremy.

I’d like to add Devin, Pocky, Allen, Dexter, Bridget, Valerie and Tony

Valerie is cool. I went to school with a Valerie. she was cool. I’m sure she’d be honor to have a character named after her. Maybe they can have 4* Areans or something for 4/3* everyone wants to be special

Scopely has pretty much stopped following that principle. Sadly, real advancement now requires cash and even then I think they’ve mastered the bait and switch where that’s concerned. The value gotten from your purchase fades very quickly.

While the idea is neat, I would rather like the Characters to get 6* Versions. It worked out for Tye, so theres a very slim chance, If they finally come to their Stupid sences and stop to “expand” the TWD Universe for no reason every waking week

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I use four stars to level up my legendaries, thats how useful they are.
In fact, I used 3 Allens to level up my Priya.

The issue with the prestige rewards in general is that they were aimed for spenders. And at the time, spenders were at level 13 and got all the gear to
Tier up Michonne. Fact was, even then she was not op. If they updated it now, they would have to give all level 13 folks a free toon, not gonna happen. Best recommendation is to just ignore prestige sadly. It pains me to say that because it should not be the answer, but there is no hope prestige this late in the game

I never said that there are still too useful, even if it would be nice, it’s just the way it is.

What’s the point of holding onto fours?
You get fives in such an abundance that you wouldn’t need 4’s even for SR.

I just like them in terms of design and Comic personality and since there sadly is still no better version of Allen than the 4* one, I’ll keep atleast all of him.

Well good for you, I guess.
Roster space is precious, I do not keep dupes of any toon except legendary.

How about Prestige 18?
Only 10000000000000000000 points to go

Unfortunately you are late to the game.

I’m in the same boat.
She is now completely trash.
If memory serves me she is two years+.

thats kind of my point, I started this summer, July i believe so I dont know or care about the previous 3+1/2 years, I just want current rewards to be currently relevant. Im not asking for an S class in there lol. just not obsolete garbage.
To the person who felt it wouldnt happen because they would have to make it retroactive, I thought about that. Why I will probably hold on to her in case theres a miracle and they boost or upgrade her. we did just get a far superior green chone tho so idk. It doesnt actually cost anything to give a certain amt away, in the long run might actually earn more $, a concept Scopely seems incapable of grasping.

They Know precisely what they are doing.

This last 6 month has been nothing but a money suck.
They wiped the ascendancy lost to crap.
(None of those 5 stars are worth effort if not having an updated list for people that choose not to spend)
Personally this game has become a waist of a potentially greater thing.
They lost concept of hard work should pay off.
Now it’s pay to be relevant any more.
I’d like to hear opinions of people who left for a bit and return to this.

Choice toon ascendance would be nice. Also what are the odds of pulling an energy refill I’ve only received 1 in the last month. They should increase the odds a b it like by 90%.