Prestige 14 and other requests

I like many others have a login streak from when it was implemented and played daily a good while before that. I am prestige 13 and my revive katana has sat unused for over a year. My prestige michonne is sitting in an old region along with approximately £12,000.00 of epics I invested heavily in and now don’t even visit. I predict my total spend to be in the region of £35,000.00 if I am not a valued customer I would like to meet one. Over my time in this game I have had so many occasions where the in game support has let me down. I continue to play due to my own demons of stupidity, addiction and “investment”. I grow very tired of this game. I am not alone. Spenders like myself have been dropping like flies this past year. You can fix this. Listen to your CUSTOMERS… US.

  • prestige 14,15… (and not double the cost each time!)
  • player level 200 (we ran out of duct tape and pk’s a while ago)
  • log in streak behond 7 days (as said - a lot are well over 600days)
  • town hall upgrade and town expansion. (All that wood and nothing to upgrade!!)
  • training grounds (add possible 6* and ascendable 5* and stop giving me 3* axel!!)
  • legacy ascendables (faster!!! 1-1 on promos)
  • communication (getting better but please further improve)
  • rewards (people want characters - not tokens. Maybe reward a legacy ascendable… two birds 1 stone)

These are my observations at 2am having spent £1500 not pulling the last 3 promo character. I’m sure others will agree and be able to add other sensible suggestions which could easily be implemented to save this once great game.

Fix things please
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Great post. I’m personally not a spender but these changes would benefit ftp and p2p alike.

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And maybe add a bad ass 6* ascendable at maybe level 20 but still nice idea!

And it would defiantly give players to play more

Let’s rename this to the obvious list of things the players keep asking for.

Though we are now receiving tape and kit road map once a week. I’m not sure another huge weapon parts dump is needed.

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Mhm yep

I know I know - a real nice car, deposit on house, month getting blown in Maldives’s…


To hell with a car and a house!

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as a p13 account myself, i agree with what you said about prestige. add the pestige levels. it gives those that do spend and keep this game churning something to look forward to and not just feel like were being gated to a softcap of prestige. the p13 reviver? thats a 5s era weapon, even with its higher than normal proc rate (imo). what would be hilarious is how many peeps that would max the next set of prestige right out the gate lol. i know thats how it was with a couple of my fac mates during the initial rollout.

Can you say “prestige 39”? Lol.

Dude! £35k! You need to go to some addiction clinic or something, you need rehab bro, that is insane

Appreciate the effort, but I have yet to see proof of scopely giving a damn about us anymore. Been getting ignored the past month(s) or so.

@kalishane @kalishane @kalishane beetlejuice don’t let me down now.!!

Any response from scopely appreciated

No one from Scopely is around on the weekends except when there is a viktor gate


Or how bout logins that do t give the same worthless things over and over. I think they need to get rid of… well everything in the daily missions cause let’s face it. We all can craft all the items they put in there and since the update completing an objective for 5 survivors is just a big’ol waste of time.

How bout they put 250 coins for completing all the daily objectives, since 15 coins is just five 1 min videos and the objectives are a joke to complete anyway.

The whole process needs revamped

The prestige I agree with I’m only 11 but make that michonne into a 6* and don’t pull bs that every level you get 1 peace of gear for each tier that means if they do it will go up to 17

Back to work yet @kalishane i and a few others would really appreciate a response on this.


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