Preparation T's Upcoming War Tower Video


War is on the horizon and there is nothing better than knowing what the towers will be!

Lets take a look and talk about the tower and the team comps we can bring with good ole Preparation T!

What team comps do you plan on using if you get towers?


Double Marlon occasionally, but likely the teams I’d normally raid with against any given lead.


Honest question, do you generate revenue off these vids?


@pregolori I don’t.


When is war dropping? Isn’t it late in the weekend for it?


@DeanDomino Here is the official post : Blitz War / Saturday 11pm PST - Sunday 10pm PST

Towers, Times and Rewards on there :slight_smile:


Ugh. Blitz war is the worst.


Imo, it’s the best. Then again, I hate war in general.


I prefer my destruction from the top faction slow and painful.


War is just a shitty time suck for less than acceptable rewards.