Premium Roadmap A

Is Roadmap A not giving away the trainers for completion intentional, or just a bug?! Did 2 stages of the map, and I never got any of the rewards… not even the XP, or some of the dropped gear and survivors…
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Oh, HELL NO! It’s not just the roadmap A…
Now the S-Class daily map doesn’t work, either… I’m grinding my a$$ off every day, here, and now I don’t even get the 30 collectibles?!

I noticed this morning when doing sclass map & the gold bar map it doesn’t show you getting the reward at the end when you finished the last stage, but both rewards are in inventory. I bet the choice box is in your inventory and also the gold bar you certainly have received, otherwise you know the steps you should take: Customer Support. :joy:

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Haven’t checked my inventory, to be honest… I will. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I have no idea why this needed a change, or even got bugged since yesterday but also I was surprised after noticing these shenanigans.

On beta, can confirm items from S-Class roadmap this morning arrived in my inventory. Can’t recall if the screen ever popped up or not

Screen doesn’t pop up, but the bag was in my inventory.
Or maybe it was the bag from yesterday?! Who knows?! The game glitched and had many errors, always, but in these last couple of days, it seems that everything stopped working properly… Except for the offers part. That never seems to glitch… :wink:

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Mine was definitely today’s bag, because I am impatient and open it every day

I am too, but when it comes to collectible bags of 30 pieces, I often forget. :joy:

Do not worry my friends. For $99 USD, you can buy 25 of the s class collectibles!!!

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@Bogdan I presume this issue is solved by now as @Way2Real said please check the inventory as the rewards will be there :slight_smile:

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