Premium Recruit Event Р2Р Like I said gonna take some P2P 90 days to get a 1 or 2 pulls lol

Well here it is…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


This ends this game, I can already see countless teams with 6*.

just gonna ignore it until it goes away

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All your free 6* not enough?


True…jus sayin usually would show a roadmap or in the events. But who knows the counter is interesting… Changed from 15 days to 90days??

I’m hoping this isn’t another Terror tokens fiasco. Because if it is, many will call it quits and be done with the game!


Wheel consists of all 6* available atm


Maybe it what been asking for and the tokens will be rewards in war and events? Maybe not.


Let’s hope so. If it’s just a P2P event then :fu: scopes.

All six stars in the tower? Blue Michonne, Aris, yellow Yumiko etc?

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Yup, there was no green alpha though, but maybe I am too lazy to wait that long, I’ve seen Romanov, Knox, Erika, Jesse, Morgan and many many else, more than 24

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I’ve seen Michonne not aris to be clear

I can see it clear that it is going to be such a bone of contantion between p2p and f2p players

I don’t think there will be a blue Michonne or Bruce or Magna on that wheel.

So far I’ve seen:

  • Connie (Command)
  • Shane
  • Viktor
  • Barker
  • Erika
  • Romanov
  • Jesus (dual pistol)
  • Rosita (dual pistol)
  • Shiva
  • Eugene
  • Kelly
  • Morgan
  • Rick (RTP)
  • Yvette
  • Sandy
  • Siddiq
  • Jeremiah
  • Andrea
  • Jessie

So 6 f2p and 13 p2p (counting Connie here).
Slash tokens had only p2p characters. Let’s wait and see how this unfolds.


6* Knox?

I believe he got confused with Kelly, the green command


I see someone getting a Barker or shane and being really upset.

I got Barker from the last legendary one :flushed: least it wasn’t a dupe lol

There are both 5* and 6*

Yeah kelly my bad

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