Premium monthly pass


Has Scopley thought about perhaps creating a premium monthly pass that includes let’s say two 6* character’s that are only exclusive to the monthly pass that could be pulled, and instead of 4* fodder that is in the normal pass, perhaps put 5* fodder in the premium.

Example :$30.00 a month and x amount of guaranteed coins + one character with chance of character being exclusive 6*


When the Monthly pass was originally launched some regions/beta got an additional daily coin amount drop for more money monthly. I assume the data showed that there was more money and value in the pass we have right now and that is the one that lives on.


The pass we have now is truly irrelevant compared to the potential of a bigger and better yet more expensive model that could produce the buyer with greater rewards.


This def needs an update. Been a pass buyer since it’s launch with 4* Carl and started playing in August 2015. That whole time, I’ve received one 5* being slow Jesus. Loosen it up a bit and please phase out the old and add in some new. Thanks!


I personally am glad they have the monthly pass at the price they have it at. I am extremely poor and it is difficult for me to buy anything in the games without strapping myself in some other area. I think the 8.99 or 9.99 monthly pass was one of the best moves scopely made to show customer appreciation to their players that cannot spend tons of money on the game.


Why not have both. You can choose which one.


I like the idea as a whole but I do not believe “exclusive 6*s” should be in the crate. That’s not the current reward model and that is a good thing


This was brought up one of those long surveys they do. Sometime around end of July, beginning of August. While it’s true, the current 30 day pass needs an update, I personally don’t think that exclusive content should be behind a paywall. Its a mobile app, not a pc or console game. There are too many updates that could render your mobile device useless and you may lose the content you paid for.


Don’t give them more ideas of how to take more money from us! I already see at least 4 offer pop ups every fckn time I play!


The subscription service detailed in one of their surveys will make it into the game sooner or later, I’m sure of it. Will they have listened to some of our warnings and concerns about it? That is the question.


Um, have you played this game? Everything exclusive is behind a pay wall lol.

No idea what this means, you can always recover your account on a new device.


I get where you are coming from, but in my opinion that will only widen the gap between P2P and F2P.

Refresh it for sure, keep the price reasonable and scopely will more likely sell more on quantity if the quality is there.

Remove 4* toons and weak trainers, cycle in newer 5* toons and bump prestige tokens to an acceptable level.

More people are likely to buy at the current price point if it was a higher risk / reward ratio.

I still buy it because of the daily coins and the remote chance I get a decent toon.

$30.00 per month may seem like a reasonable price point but that will alienate a fair chunk of the player base.

Having two tiered monthly pass maybe an option, but keep the price point the same.

Load one offer with trainers / 4* toons and increase the daily coin collection

Load one offer with extremely rare 4* toons and 5* toons with current coin collection.

That way it’s up to the consumer to decide which one they want to invest in, some months I may be interested in banking more coin daily and could use a trainer where as other months I could go fishing for a 5*

Not that far fetched since 5* toons have been lowered in valuation since ascendancy

Don’t shoot me, just throwing ideas out :wink:


Ideas are always great, no need in breaking the shotgun out :slight_smile:

I believe deep down everyone likes and enjoys to gamble at some sort of level but it is the concenious that holds many people back for various reasons.

Playing and testing many mobile games I have found that games with wheels that are spun as daily rewards and that can be purchased for chances at TRULY exclusive gear or characters is what draws a lot of people.

A person wants to feel as if their rewards are actually exclusive and not easy to obtain,without breaking the bank (the current method).

A balance has to be created or this games aura will be the same as it has always been to many players… especially to FTP that come and go once a peak has been hit to where it is a carrot and donky show day in and out.


They should rework the idea of monthly pass… Add different characters to the box or toss in chances at like 5* tokens. Price compared with gold gain is great but truthfully getting a 4* bored me and made me stop getting it.


The monthly pass has it’s up and downsides, it is surely a way to obtain pretty cheap coins. I stopped caring for the bonus inside the crate, since we are not entitled to anything and I know the odds. As a matter of fact I would rather get Aden or even better a Benedict, than 4* character. Altough 1 faction mate got I think Michonne from it, but the toons there are outdated and most probably will end up as ascendance fodder - at least for most players. Another monthly offer would be interesting, especially if you could combine both.


I think they just need to change the toons in it that can be recieved. Lets say benedict aidan lillith ulysses 5s lori joshua dwight gator shield lee (to help the lower rank players against the 6s) and the last toon in there be the current premier recruit that is up when purchasing the pass.


I agree with all except the premier, that’ll never happen.