Premium from orange quill

I have collected all the letters needed but haven’t claimed the orange quill choice letters.
Should I claim or not. If so what letters should I claim?

I would keep my quills for next round of letters

Your ability to claim expires in 3 days 7 hours so I wouldn’t hold on too long…

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So if you dont choose them do you lose them?

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As normal no info given @GR.Scopely

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Apart from, you know, the information in the blog:

Letters and Orange Quills collected will only count for the active segment. This means that if you collect the letter “A” and 1x Orange Quill in Segment 1, your progress will not carry over to Segment 2 or 3. If you need another “A” in Segment 2 or 3, you will need to collect another during that segment.

@FearJustice - see here:

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@FearJustice - @Kanaima Pretty much answered the question :slight_smile:


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Or, you know, the in game new event tab with exact same info

So if you dont claim them do you lose them after segment 1 ends?

Yes, literally what it says. Those missions won’t be available so you can’t claim against those and the letters won’t count in Segment 2 so won’t count if you need those same letters in Segment 2.

@HandsomeJack - too obvious. I mean who wants the information in the game delivered right up in their face where it is easily accessible?

Yes but do you loose the orange quills like you do letters?

I understand if you claim them
What if you dont claim them ?

Where do you find info on the event?

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The famous blog

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You currently have two orange quills. Those will disappear if you do not claim them.

Sorry for the confusion on my part.
Since I have completed all the letters there will be no benefit in claiming them. As well no benefit if I dont claim them.
So I will not claim them and let them go hang out with my plushies.
Btw thanks for the information Kanaima.


What possible reason would the quills not carry over?

I think that answer is kind of obvious

Money the answer to any question you have for Scopely is Money

¥€$ it does…