Premiere Wheels vs New Trait Wheels

  • Premiere Wheel (less dilution of premiere toon, more likely to get toon pictured)
  • Trait Specific Wheel (more dilution of premiere toon, less likely to get toon pictured)

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As some have noticed, Scopely has introduced new wheels that appear to be diluting the premiere toon compared to previous wheels. @JB.Scopely has requested a poll be placed to see what the people want. Basically, when a premiere toon is released, do you want the wheel to be similar to how they were before (less diluted) or how they are now (more diluted).

But scopes must put in shop tokens crates(for 250 coins)

There’s another poll.

Like I said there why not do both.
Subscribers are going to have a pull a day…why not give them options…?

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Seems like kind of a biased poll. I don’t like dilution, but the odds of the promo character were always low. And I do like more variety of characters available, in the highly likely event you don’t get the featured character. Also I like that I know whatever character I get, it will be a trait that fits nicely in my team.

Please close duplicate thread and place votes here:

People I know that have pulled are getting promos WAY less often lately. Promo should be guaranteed to show within first 80 pulls imo.

Just solo pulled 5* Shield Jesus on my alt… can’t make it up. Free pull too :sob:

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