Premiere weapons



Just wanted to ask if they ever released this weapon for Melee Garrett? Also are there any weapons they havent released?


Scopely hasn’t done premier arms cache in a damn long time. I don’t think it sold very well.


Yes instead of improving the wheel they just take it away altogether.


Well I know they had the offer for Sophia’s rifle this weekend.


In offers? That’s not the thing we are mentioning.


Yes I know but I just wanted to mention it


Four star weapons are so easily obtained nowadays, no point in a premier wheel.


They should release at least 2 unique weapons per month with a chance to preview them before we buy.


I’m hoping they update the weapon wheel. It’s pretty past due for an update.


That battle axe looks pretty fricken sweet tbh


They should give out weapons that are useful lol.


Weapon wheel was terrible tho. Already taking chances on the toon wheels, then to get the same luck on a weapon wheel. No thank u.


They updated it already a few months back. They put even more garbage in there.


Nty, its safe to assume almost everyone would rather they focus on releasing more legacy 6*s.


Thanks for the update. I remember J.B said something about changing it awhile ago. I took a pretty hefty break from the game. Appreciate the response.


They should make a weapon that causes people to become walkers when they die


That could be fun as a feature haha. OG Michonne off you pop.


Would be cool.

If you don’t kill them they’ll attack your team next turn.

Writing this down for my future non living pvp
real time strategy game. Release circa 2020+


All non-headshot kills should theoretically achieve this end in the world of The Walking Dead. It’s a cool idea, but how annoying would it be to kill these revive/shield teams, only to time-out because they turned to walkers? :joy:


Has anyone else noticed how the new Sandy goes from a range toon to a melee toon?

I wonder what they were thinking…