Premiere Recruits reverted back to before refresh?


Hi all. I noticed that the premiere recruit wheel doesn’t reflect the toons that should be on the wheel. For example, Ellen and Pete are shown on the wheel (they were supposed to be removed) but there is no longer Revive Rosita, Sawyer, Kay etc.

The previous premiere was fine. Is this a visual bug or did Scopely change things?


Damn if they changed it… It’s so sad, people pulled LE Negan, Samurai Jesus, Kay, Konrad from that whell and I only pullled ascendable shane who is absolutely garbage and a dupe, fml and rng


Premier wheel which is the essense of players dedication is back to trash giveaway wheel, SMH

Dunno why I’m still surprised


@kalishane Is this true? Did they revert it back to old wheel?


With not even as much as an announcement beforehand on it. Thanks dopely


What a coincidence this is happening just before Erica is released, who will be high on demand.


Looks like this is visual only. Faction mate got key from prestige today so those toons are still there