[Premiere Recruits & 5☆ Recruit Token Wheel Refresh]




HS Michonne will still be in the refreshed wheel, but besides Negan, Carl, and Shiva, they also removed ascendable Abe.


There were people saying some time ago that the 5* wheel has outdated toons. I hope they enjoy pulling Vernon and such.


I like the update to the premiere recruit wheel, but DO NOT change the 5* token wheel! You are only removing the best ascendable characters and replacing with fodder - not cool


Any non ascendable 5 star is trash in my books. They will all be fodder for 6 stars when we tier 4 our 6 stars. So adding all these 5 star characters and removing some of the best ascendable characters is a bad move.

At least give us Carl as a milestone level up reward! You keep Mirabelle but you remove Carl? Those are 2 essential leaders for any team! This is a major disadvantage for those who didn’t pull him yet.


Just quoting my suggestion from another topic. @kalishane


I’d take these toons every single day over the likes of Vernon, Rocky, red Heath, Karlson, and other such duds.


I get that, hence why i said “fresh meat” and described what we’d like instead. Not these useless junk toons you listed. I think Teresa and the Shiva Force characters are good. Magna’s in there, some others too. I wouldn’t mind those.


oh havent noticed they are removing toons especially ascendable ones, why not just add new toons and make people impossible to get duplicates from there. Simple and better solution but it wont get more $$ i guess.:unamused:


Getting rid of Carl, but leaving Mira is a kick in the nuts of those who are melee oriented. And this comes from someone who has both toons.


Teresa is one of the best 5 star toons on atk 3 shots at stunning someone on her ar let alone her skil.


They literally said Shiva was in for a limited time when she was added. Why are you now surprised she is being removed???


Because with the shitty odds I never pulled her! Nor Carl or Negan!


I know right? I got most of the melee trait weapons. Absolute def, multiple AP down weapons, you name it. I’m not weak on ranged either, but I’ve been forced to shift my focus there because my melee trait team gets trashed in minutes without a Carl lead.


Excuse me, but WHERE exactly in the wheel does it say that?


Have a read back through the Ascension stuff. She was only there for a limited time.


Well they did say a lot of things over time, now didn’t they? Or they should keep their promises only when it suits them?


I aint defending their comms strategy here pal but we had fair warning on this. If you didn’t see it at the time I can understand your pain but this was always coming. You’ll have a chance for her as a premier pull no doubt very soon.


@kalishane Can we get some confirmation on when this will happen please? There are some very good ascendable characters being removed from the wheel so people should be given the right information to inform whether they make their next pull before or after the change.

This is especially relevant as many will be getting a bunch of 5* tokens from this level up and may wish to rush a pull through on the old wheel or pull on the new later in the weekend.


No, pal, I already have her, but I find it very disrespectful towards people who will miss out on these ascendables. And give me a break with this “fair warning”, if it’s not stated in the wheel that she’s limited time only I couldn’t care less about some thread from months ago. We also had fair warning that there will be no 6* in premier recruits, but here we are. Yet another sign that ascendance wasn’t thought out properly.