Premiere recruit problems


Why can’t I pull a 5 star from premier recruit spend over 3000 coins and only get 4* and 3*


It’s better than it used to be. Now you at least have a 1 in 40 chance to pull an Epic toon. Before you could drop a hundred bucks and nothing.


Well bud, 5s aren’t gareenteed on the premier recruit wheel, and there has been a feature to limit the amounts of dupe toons you can get, but the rates are still based on random number generator, which means anything could come out of there. You can increase your chance to get a 5 from doing a huge 40 pull each time, but the garenteed 5* is only the toons you can get in the 5* token wheel.

Secondly, if you really want a chance to get a 5*, then do as I do, and not ever spend on the premier wheel aka the Gambler’s Tale wheel. That wheel is nothing but a Gamblers fortune, so if you’re willing to gamble, then you just got to realize that it was you that made the decision to gamble, and whatever you get is not Scopley’s fault. Just like when you go to a Casino. You lose, but you cannot blame the house for your loses. That is something Whales and spenders have an issue with. They gamble at the wheel of death, and get upset and lash out on Scopley when they fail to get what they want.

Furthermore, you get a very decent chance to get 5s if you complete the Homemart Stash collection. All you need to do is do 3 big 10 pack openings and boom you got your 5 you wanted. Also, what I like to do is spend my tokens on the elite character wheel. Every 40 pulls you do in Elite Character wheel, you can get a gareenteed 5*, that is in the 5* token wheel. Best thing about the elite wheel, is that it’s unlimited meaning your pulls continue unlike the Gamblers wheel where it is limited. If you’re going to do a 40 pack opening on the premier wheel, just be warned that it is limited meaning you’ll have to pull 40 before the character promotion ends.

So in summary, you’ll have a better journey getting 5*s every 40 pulls unlimited from the Elite Character wheel, and an awesome chance to get one from doing the Homemart Stash for the character promotion. Be like me, and boycott spending on the wheel of death, unless you like to gamble with your money. If you ever went to Japan, you’d know about the Gatcha Box. It’s totally based on rng, and it’s a box filled with awesome prizes to collect, but you cannot get upset at the store managers if you fail to get what you want. It is based on luck, and you have no idea what’s going to come out there. Take heed to my suggestions, and you’ll have a better gaming experience.

Keep on Surviving,




you aslo get a 5 from 40 paid pulls…


OK thanks


You’re welcome