Premiere recruit from Ascend 4*

Anyone know if i ascend 4* to 5* can i got a premiere recruit like konrad priya or magna couse now people always focus on 6* but i want that 5* premiere recruit for free :grin::grin: but i try only got red magna but not human shield :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No you can’t ascend them.

As far as I can remember all you can get shield wise is Lee.
Siddiq is ascendable to a 6* that’s how I got him. I cant remember anyone else that’s special, except, Ben, and Rosa the Large dropper, Everyone else except maybe the revives, and Crit boosters, are pretty much fodder.

Very cool and helpfull thanks

There is 3 5 toons that are or are announced to become ascendable. You should try out for them in that order:

  • Blue to get Siddiq. He’s already an ascendable and a very good one. I’m actually trying to get a second one.
  • Green to get Glenn who will be very nice in 6
  • Yellow to get Joshua (will be even though I don’t think he’s very good) or Gator (announced to become ascendable but we still don’t know what he will look like)

And Yellow Joshua

True but we know how he’ll be so I forgot him because I think he’s not worth it at all :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, thanks I’ll add him to the list.