Premier toons worth pulling


On which premier toons would you spend your coins? Which toons would you try to pull?


Any revive currently in existence, I have four legendaries and not one of my characters, epic or Legend, is a reviver.


Doesn’t matter, outcome is the same: bunch of 4★ scattered with some useless 5★


Any toon that can do a very effective job at killing and doing it quickly is worth the chase. Any defense toon that comes out before, now, and later are all going to meet there expiration date sooner or later by a even better or replacement defense toon.

That said its really up to your play style in terms of what any toon is worth it to you while I believe in toons like jeremiah and tara being amazing others will say they are trash.



Most OP OFF toon: Marlon and Rosie.


A Legendary Allen. Instandly even If he sucks. Same for a few Other Characters like Axel or Sawyer


All of em


pulled 2 marlon and rosies and havent bought any pulls since, totally worth it lol


You would think so but he often comes up short unless he’s hitting blues. Paper > Actual


This is where planning makes sense. I see a lot of whales pulling the newest promo because they have got to have them, but then don’t even use them. Figure out what your team needs or your roster needs. For example if you pure melee with melee weapons (as I am in one region) it wouldn’t make sense for me to pull for erika or magna, where as dante and koa or shield jesus would be more suitable and make sense. Hope that helps.


I uses all colors always have always will


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