Premier recruits

Today I have dropped 130 characters in premier recruits trying to get a 6 star Andrea but all I was getting where rubbish 3 star characters that you can get for free, I know it is random but with dropping that amount and how much it cost you should definitely get the 6 star character, because of this I won’t be wasting anymore of my money on this game cause they are just ripping us off. Not happy one bit.


I feel your pain. My knowledge tells me that who did 130 character pulls should do 40 more. There will be your desired 6*. If not there try with 80 more.

I’m not doing anymore as it’s cost almost 300 pounds already so not wasting anymore money on to get more rubbish characters support should give me the 6 star Andrea being i 3 40 drops then a 10 drop already.

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Did you get the guaranteed 5*/40 opens?

As confirmed by other forum posts, you are probably looking at US$500+ to get the 5* at least. To get a better idea on how promotion odds are like, check VK videos. Surprisingly, I find the odds to be similar. (If they got it within the first 3 big pulls, I got it too around that range. This one time they went to 10+ big pull, and so did I haha)

My rule of thumb, pull within the first 40 - do like 2 10s then switch to singles and stop when you get the first 5*. If you miss don’t chase and just carry on … sometimes I stop before 20 pulls (so US$50 for a fancy-fodder valued at US$11 or less) and other times I get hosed and end up closing at 30+ pulls.

Morale of the story: if you pull you are gonna get owned, just a matter of how badly you get burned.

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Just RE-read this - ya you should have gotten 3 fancy-fodder.

This is true if I got 5 star that can accede then i wouldn’t mind but I didn’t get any of them or better

I have spoken to support that it seems they don’t care

See? You can always keep on trying, I like that, support works at it’s best.

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Who is CS and do you how to contact them, this is the second time I have pulled the first time was a few months ago when I did 80 and got 6 star Sandy

Yes but tho it costs to keep trying lol


When Scopely support does not care, use screenshots and ask Apple or Google for a refund, they do care about the customers satisfaction.

Yes, but he might have a problem cause rarely someone keeps ss of pulls, it doesn’t say in pull description “pullers advise - we might actually fk up pulling experience, document your cash throwing at the strippers”

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I’ve done 10 pulls & I’ve done single, always got a 5* in the 40. :neutral_face:

This is one of the biggest let downs of this game.Some work hard for their stats So cool drop a hundred or so to support the game only to be greatly let down.