Premier Recruits: Value Disparity


The current breakdown of premier recruits can be categorized as such:

  1. Non-ascendable 5*

  2. Ascendable 5*

There are several value disparities inherent to these categories, the most obvious of which is that ascendable>>>non-ascendable. The point I’d like to raise is that if someone is spending coins during an ascendable 5* premier recruit event, they have chances at pulling the 6* version, while if they’re pulling during a non-ascendable event, the best outcome is getting the recruit being advertised.

The problem here is that in one instance, I have the chance at pulling what amounts to 8 Benedicts and an ascendable 5*, plus all the food and gear it would’ve taken to max the 5* version, while in the other instance, my best outcome is a t1 lvl1 5* which is not even ascendable.

This disparity is irreconcilable, at least in my opinion, and will guarantee I never spend anything during a non-ascendable recruit event.

I would like to propose a few ideas to incentivize the non-ascendable recruit wheels, when they occur.

  1. 5x chances at getting the advertised character.
  2. Guaranteed char on advert after 1 big pack
  3. Crate with 1 maxed version and 1 version at t1 lvl1
  4. Crate with the char on advert and chances at up to x Benedicts.
  5. Some combination of 1-4.
  6. Other, similar, ideas.

If there’s always a chance at pulling 6*, then my argument is not quite as strong, but the disparity still exists, and should be acknowledged and rectified.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.


The reason to take most 5* to T4 is simply to get level up points.

There are still a few 5* that are worth using on attack and even a couple that work on defense

I have about 7-8 5* that I put into my attack rotations, even tho most of my teams are 4x 6* or more


My point here isn’t which 5* still have utility, it’s to illustrate that the premier recruit events are not the same since 6* are in some wheels and not others.


All the ideas seem great. I’m said it myself I don’t understand the purpose of even having non ascendable promos anymore. I don’t spend at all, obivously, but I’m informed enough to know that the people that do see no value in pulling on a non ascendable promotion (with a few exceptions). Cutting the cost of pulls on a non ascendable 5* promotion seems like a reasonable path if everything else is “asking too much”.