Premier Recruits 5-Star Drop Rate Update

Greeting Survivors,

In our ongoing effort to improve the Premier Recruits experience, we have made another important update that we wanted to share:

  • Starting today (Friday, April 19), the drop rate of 5-Star characters in Premier Recruits has been increased from 5% to 10%.

As a part of this update, we have also taken a look at an opaque feature of Premier Recruits that guaranteed a 5-Star character in every 40 opens. We believe that this “1-in-40” guarantee was not sufficiently transparent, was difficult for players to track progress against, and was a consistent source of confusion. Accordingly, we have removed the 1-in-40 guarantee in favor of increasing the drop rate of 5-Star characters to 10%. We believe this is a substantially improved experience in that players will be able to obtain significantly more 5-Star characters going forward.

As a reminder, we’ve also recently improved the odds of acquiring the featured Premier Recruit with each open. The more Premier Recruits opens you make, the better your chances are of receiving the featured Premier Recruit until you get that featured character.

Let us know what you think of these changes. Thank you and we appreciate your feedback.


But it would be easy to track progress against and transparent if you simply added a counter to count pulls, like you do elsewhere.

A 10% chance each time isn’t as good as a guaranteed 5* every 40 pulls. I think it is a step backwards.


Odds are still doodoo


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So wait… you think 100 percent of acquiring a five star in forty pulls is worse than just a ten percent chance increase no matter the amount of pulls? That’s ridiculous. Haven’t you seen the number of posts created this week? It’s clearly not the case. Shame on you guys. It’s not hard to track at all.


Can you please elaborate on this?


Yea, tell that to the guy who apparently did 9 forty pulls.

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Just more and more shady fookery…



This I agree with. Unbeliavble. They clearly took the guareentee out and instead of owning up to it, they said it was complicated to understand. Like are you kidding me? How hard is it to understand one per forty pull? Deflecting bugs as alway. Shameful. I take back my other posts lol.

And how are more five star characters (not ascendables) going to increase our gameplay experience lol.


I second @Rickygrimes statement. How did Scopely figure that a 10% chance at a 5* in 40 pulls is better than a guaranteed 5* in 40 pulls?


Oh yeah, and what about that FOOKIN MAIM/GUARDIAN BUG!!! FIX WHATS BROKEN!!!


Lmao. I’m so heated right now… this type of shit is worse than releasing any game breaking characters. Don’t try and insult my intelligence with this bullshit. Anybody can see right through this nonsense.


@Rickygrimes The fact that you stated the guarantee incorrectly means that you have either misunderstood it, or have just mis typed. Either way, people get confused.


At this point, is anyone surprised by anything anymore, the lies, the shadyness, etc? Im not, i expect it.

Scopely - “Guaranteed 5* for 40 pulls”
Player - Pulls a 40, gets all 4*
Scopely - “It’s complicated”

Like what? Really? :exploding_head: :man_facepalming:

Shame, shame, shame but again it is expected at this point, still shady, still not ok, still false advertisement, still bs but expected and i just dont care anymore, only pop up once and awhile to laugh at this circus show :popcorn: :laughing: :rofl:


Also screenshotted this post :wink: scopely admitting to false advertising is great to have on record :hugs:

False. I understand it perfectly. On a new wheel, if you did a forty it should have guareenteed you a five star. Now let’s say you did a ten first and got a five star, and then did a forty after, that didn’t need to net you one because you got one in fifty and had another 30 to get the second. Again, it’s not rocket science.


When were the odds increased? Was it prior to everyone pulling for Doc? The post essentially states that your odds increase for the premier with every pull, but want to verify whether that was in place when everyone pulled at the launch of Doc. I just got an update around 5 pm EST, way after Doc was put on the wheel.

Better numbers than before. I like it. Unfortunately There is no quality control, and almost any new element that was introduced was flawed…
With these new chances The guarantee would almost never be invoked…so please add it on top…

So the people who pulled 40+ times on a new wheel, where they had a counter at zero from the start, and pulled all 4*s that called scopely out…will they get compensated?