Premier Recruit Upgraded Chances of 4 Stars


With the recent announcement of extra ascendable or better recruits, I figured why not. In past attempts Ive been lucky to get a 4 star, usually 3’s. In (3) 250 coin and (1) 2200 coin pulls I only managed to get all 4 stars. So, with increased chances, I got the bottom of the barrel once again. I’ve had about the same luck with weapons or any other purchase with coins. Feeling like it was a complete waste of coins. I know it’s not a lot but, I’ve bought half a dozen or so, 2200 coin offers with little success. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Yeah, I don’t usually buy coins, but I figured I’d give it a shot this time. Did 26 pulls & got all 4*s. So, I won’t be spending again after wasting $60.


Yeah, I typically try to do offers for free coins but, didn’t have any at the time. Waste of money for sure. Just figured I’d maybe get a 5 star at least with the big “increased chances” hype.


Man that sucks, i did a 10 pull and got 2 5s, one ascendable Sandy, it’s honestly fked up that in that many pulls yall did, not a single 5s…i would of been so pissed, i appreciate my results more now and i hope the luck changes for you guys. That is beyond f-up


Sorry, you didn’t get anything good that sucks for sure but words like increased chances are there just to entice you to spend. They can raise the odds by .001% and that would satisfy the “increased chances” part of the deal. We know the odd’s are extremely low one day when they have to show them we will know just how low they really are.


I’m totally happy with my results. 14 Pulls and 4 Epics.

  • Sandy “Into the Breach” (Yellow) - Black Coat Sandy
  • Yumiko “RTS 1” (Tougth) - Flamebow Yumiko
  • Rick “All Out War” (Fast) - Knifehand Rick
  • Abraham “RTS 1” (Tougth) - RPG Abe