Premier recruit pulls


Just pulled 18 times in premier recruits and got 18 x 4* rubbish. I have played this game for years now and spent a small fortune … for what. I see non and small spenders surpassing me and getting the top toons in their rosters and feel like Ive been nerfed. Im done. Well done scopely on conning another plsyer into quitting.


You smart my friend, I was dumb The Rock from Witty used to pull for almost every new premier toon for 3yrs on 2 accounts. And in the end, I still suck cause the next premier will aways be better. New players get latest toons always win, for what?? Pixel pride?? RIP 5s now 6s, next year will be 7s ? Sure I can keep throwing $$$$ at Scopes but why? It’s not worth it, when 7s come out I’m quiting too. Now just f2p in my 1 man faction cause rather be a punishing bag then freeloading with top factions hold them down. New spenders spend on, I know the casino rng thrill is addictively fun, but my 3 yr experience it’s not worth it. Quit if you can :wink: smart choice


Same, always had crap luck with pulls, took over$400 to get a white tiger. Nite over $150 doesn’t trying to get lyd, nothing but garbage. Done spending, seeing some get every premier with a ten pull and seeing myself spend more for nothing over and over. Done


so they say they got it on a tenner.

prolly did a lot of tenner’s and show the one the got the toon on.

Classic bait job.

“I got it on a 10 pull, and so can you”


#1… spaceballs references rock, #2, I believe the same. But I know a friend personally irl that literally gets the premier on one ten pull every time. Every time


I used to fall for that, well look that dude single pulled that, maybe I have a chance, failed every attempt at a premier. It’s like a game of three card monte, everybody before you wins, yet you lose every hand


used to happen to me on my old region (wish I was still there with the shitty luck I’ve had in this new region). It never took me more than a 40 to get the toon on wheel but usually I would just get it in a ten or two… I think some accounts on certain regions have to be marked, because I have done nothing differently


Agreed. Totally. Seen and heard done to me to often


its called odds not nerf its on you


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