Premier Match Up

People asking for it, let’s give it to them @JB.Scopely!
The reigning number 1 faction of Notorious vs the number 2 faction Abusement Park. Albert vs Colbert! The community always says “make the whales face the whales!” Here is the chance. AP won’t move as the challenger and Notorious shouldn’t have to as the current champ and having already moved once to face AP and Illuminightmare, sacrificing 10 days of leagues, still transferred back home and still won season one leagues

What say you!?

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Polls work better, Scopely <3 polls

Here you go.

Who has out placed Notorious in War

  • … No one…
  • Abusement Park

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Correct poll.

  1. Who cares
  2. Why support spenders
  3. Support freemium
  1. I do.

  2. Cause Scopely is a business with a very obvious goal to make money.

  3. I do. Wish they’d make it more competitive for all players.
    More competitive = more fun.
    More fun = better experience.
    Better experimence = staying around longer.
    Staying around longer = more likely to covert all to $$$$.


Just what everyone wants. The paywall requirement to have “fun”

I mean there are other gaming outlets. This one atleast is very clear on the matter. No pretending.

Having three top factions in one region gives all three factions in Albert an undeniable advantage over all other factions though.
I’m sure AP would move to challenge other top factions, but imo it wouldnt make sense to move to matchup with Albert.

Edited to add I’m not in AP

But we faced 2 top factions at once, what’s one more in there :wink:

AP is scared of Notorious I respect @Wanderer even tho he posts stupid memes sometimes least Notorious moves around to fight people unlike AP

I recall Notorious taking on multiple top factions. Illuminnightmare was in Colbert when we took on AP. I don’t recall us being concerned with it.

Also this is a bit of miss information because if you can beat a top faction coining and score at steady rate you will score more points then just turning over matches every 5 minutes.

Im just saying they might move, you never know.

I’m gonna frame this and hang it in my office.

I feel like I just won the forums.


Maybe AP likes its current region. I know AP’s region likes them. :grin:

You really do need this to feel good about yourselves don’t you? But the whole community knows your leader does not do nothing but get carried and talk crap. And you lost your best players so it is no wonder you need this “hey look over here” moments in your life to feel important. Excuse me while I take my admittedly shit team and go play the game and have fun, and then go have some fun with my wife.


Mofos are the best, plenty of anal in mofos…mofos win


Lost our best players? Lol

No one cares AP is clearly being called out and they haven’t moved once to face anyone so today’s headline will remain

AP is scared of Notorious


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