Premier Lydia Video


We get another member from the Whisperers and these people are no joke. They come with a pretty awesome skill set and I think Lydia is without a doubt worth pulling for.

Let’s talk bout her stats, weapon, combat mods and team comps.

Are you pulling for her? What do you think of Lydia?!


She’s pretty good, weapon is beautiful and she’s the second (pretty much along with Anna) girlfriend/crush of Carl’s to appear in the game. So, I like it!


Snagged her on 1st 40 pull. Mean


Nice! You got yourself one hell of a survivor. Grats Macs, teach me your pulling ways :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice video Trolly


Nice vid man.
Got her on my first / only 10 along with Yumiko. My first time actually getting the promo, heh.


Wow lol nice pull! Within a span of 3 survivors, 1 legendary and the ascendable promo. That is some top tier pulling haha.


My secret is that I’m super lucky because I buy my luck. Lol. Pull until you get em!