Premier Gear - lol


O v e r 4 0 % C h a n c e F o r E l i t e R a r e G e a r


Lmao no thanks


Community: Hey scopley, can we have a gear map or gear museum event for legendary gear?

Scopley: Say no more

premier gear wheel
overpriced gear offer

Thanks scopely.


Absolute joke.


Any coincidence these keep popping up right when league stretch coins are awarded. So now we earn the coins to buy gear.


Any chance this will be the new meta and we will never see gear collections again? Seriously if the whales quit buying gear from offers and such scopely will maybe cut the f2p players a bit of a break but as long as people are paying for it scopely will take advantage.


I need practice dummies x 9, weapon tripods x3. And other assorted gear like bandolisers. Was gonna buy another gps from store and t4 2 toons… yeeeeeaaaaah gear shortage.

Been well over a year since we was told we would get a legendary gear map… at least give us another museum collection. Just pulled another 6* and low and behold that’s another one stuck at a lower tier, so there fore unusable.



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